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Travel to Istanbul and Turkey on a 50 USD budget a day

How to travel Turkey on a budget

How to Travel Turkey without spending a wealth within one's budget as low as 50 USD per day and enjoy all the sightseeing areas of Istanbul and the whole country

Written by Admin of the website.

Trip of Turkey: How to do Turkey on a 50 $ Budget a day


Here is a few tips to save you money during your trip to Istanbul and Turkey

Turkey on a 50 USD daily budget travel.

Istanbul Budget Hostel in Akbiyik StreetTurkey is getting even more popular among the tourist for a budget holiday and travel to the heart of the ancient building, ruins of the great empires and civilizations throughout tens of centuries in the land of Anatolia. Having surrounded by three seas around makes it a perfect seaside vacation areas, and numerous heritage sites in UNESCO are only some of the reason why people are getting more and more interested in Istanbul and Turkey for a family vacation, business trips or a solo explore adventure. Due to those increase on each years visitors numbers to Turkey the prices especially in touristic areas had increased as well, hence we will give you a few tips to help you stay on budget as if you are a local while you are going to sight seeing the spots that most visitors visit in the town

Cheap Accommodation , hostels and budget hotels in Istanbul Turkey.

We are going to stay with the Istanbul City at first, as this is the most expensive city of whole country, if you can manage to do Istanbul on a 50 USD. budget for a day, you can easily do it in almost any other cities of Turkey.
Let's start with the accommodation, if you are a young solo traveler and looking for adventurous type travel we can recommend you to stay in hostels which is a good place to interact with other travelers and share ideas, learn some information from the other travelers staying at the same room with you. This is just one of the good part of staying in hostel, other than that most hostels offers cheap shuttle services, and guiding around the town at reasonable prices. One night bed and breakfast will cost you around 10 to 15 USD. per night in Istanbul.

On the other hand if you are traveling with families or friends and looking for a private room, i can suggest you to check the Sirkeci and Kadirga Area where they offer double rooms and 20 ~ 25 USD per night, (the rooms are a little bit smaller than the usual hotel's room and you might need to walk 5 ~ 10 minutes to reach the public transportation but worth to try) .

Sightseeing and museum tickets
Now as we mentioned in the beginning Istanbul is one of the most expensive city of not only Turkey's but whole Europe's, hence you need to do a good calculation when it comes to visit some worth to visit museums and entrance fees entitled spots in this city. At this point we recommend you to obtain a museum pass card which is 85 T.L (40 U.S.D) valid for 3 days ($13 per day). As most of the museums Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Underground Cistern and Topkapi Palace are located within a walking distance from each other, therefore you are not going to need to pay a transportation fee. Nevertheless we still recommend you to buy an AKBIL or Istanbul Kart (Istanbul Card) which will give you privileges to access to various different transportation's such as buses, trams, subway metros, ferries, Marmaray and so on at reasonable price (1 $ per way)

Local foods and meals in Turkey at budget rates
Meals are another important factors what makes one's budget , hence we are going to list a few tips that you can have cheap foods in Istanbul and Turkey as most of the local Turkish people does

- Doner Kebap (Kebaps vary from 5 T.L to 15 T.L (2 $ to 7 $)
- Avoid the restaurants in touristic and main streets
- Check the prices on the menu before you go to restaurant
- Try local areas like Sirkeci, and Fatih areas for tasty and cheap local foods

Conclusion for Turkey Budget Travel
Accommodation with breakfast: 10 $
Lunch: 4 USD Dinner: 4 USD Museum tickets and entrance fees: 13 $ Transportation : 5 $ per day average
Oh and drinks, you can have local Turkish Beers from any convenient store and enjoy it at the roof terrace of your hostel (most hostels in old town has roof terrace with perfect sea or landscape views and some of them allow drinks from outside) one beer is currently 2 $

Those are just some ideas to make your visit as economical as possible in one of the Europe's most expensive city Istanbul one might have other ideas or opinions to share for a cheap holiday experience in Turkey