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Nemrut Mountain is in Adiyaman Kahta District. Mostly known for the huge sculptures left over from Commagene Kingdom and best chance to watch the sunrise.

Traveling Eastern Turkey

Are you into historical, cultural and breath taking archeological sites ? Well read more about east part of Turkey which had been host for numerous civilizations, kingdoms and various types of community for thousands of years.

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Eastern part of Turkey on a road trip from Black Sea Part.

The uncovered myths of East in Turkey 2014Eastern Turkey is the truly immersive experience, culturally speaking, for travelers. Throwing oneself into the exotic East of Turkey is the stark opposite of the cosmopolitan, westernized, European style mainstream tourism. While English will not be a language you will come across often, the warmth and friendliness of the locals will more than make up for it, and you will end up leaving having had some enriching exchanges with the locals.
Touristic attractions and interesting places of East. While the following are a great list to choose from, you could consider doing all of them in order, on a road trip as you start driving along the Black Sea. Here additionally we would like to remind you that one may start the trip to Eastern Turkey from southern or northern part depending on the season and road conditions.
Nemrut Mountain sunrise tour in Adiyaman Eastern TurkeyNemrut Mountain Adiyaman Turkey

Best sunrise in the whole country and a chance to explore the traces of Commagene Kingdom.

Trabzon Black Sea on Northern Part. Trabzon, one of the Black Sea coast's most cosmopolitan towns is where you can visit the 14th Century Byzantine church - Hagia Sofia. Sumela, a town close to Trabzon has the Altindere national park which houses the cliff-side Byzantine monastery of the Virgin Mary. Discover Hopa, Artvin and Ishan as you drive through the spectacular Georgian Valleys. Erzurum is full of architectural splendors,
Trabzon Hagia Sophia Museum in Northern Black Sea Side of Turkey.

where you can explore the Aziziye monument and remnants from Seljuk Turk period, mosques, tombs, the castle, citadel, bell tower, churches, the caravanserai and Bedesten. (Ayasofya or Hagia Sophia Museum in Trabzon City of North Black Sea Turkey)

Dogubeyazit Ishakpasa Mt. Ararat and Van Lake Travel the Aras River Valley and discover Sarkamis, a WWI battlefield site, pass through Kars and on the Arpacay River enter the ancient Armenian city of Ani. Witness the biblical mountain of Ararat, the Ishak Pasha Saray en-route to the Van region. Here, an unmissable sight is the 17th century fortress of Hosap, an important milestone on the ancient silk route to Persia and the orient. If you're in the area, a quick detour to the Akdamar Island and it's 10th century church is in order. One might obtain an E-Visa for Turkey for a road trip in different regions.

Ishakpasa Dogubeyazit Van TurkeyThe great volcano crater at Nemrut and Ahlat's Seljuk monuments are a must see as well. Enroute Hasankeyf's caves and medieval Byzantine ruins, pass through the wondrous Bitlis Gorge. Midyat's silver bazaar is a shopaholic's delight and Mardin's Kasimiye Medrese is just the tip of the cultural iceberg. The Saffron Monastery, an ancient site of religious worship is absolutely fascinating. Diyarbakir's 10 arches bridge is a great place to watch the Tigris flow and Ulu Cami and the great wall are noteworthy as well.

Enjoy a ferry ride over the Euiphratesry (Euphrates or Firat) to Nemrut Nation Park where you can visit the top of Mount Nemrut Tombs of the Commagene Kingdom to see the Colossal Statues of Gods. The capital, Antiochos with its ancient funerary monument has amazing views of the sunset.

Sanliurfa - Harran Ataturk Dam and southern eastern Turkey.

Visit the burial sanctuary of Karakus Tumulus and Roman Emperor Septimus Severus’ Cendere Bridge. Urfa is the ideal base point from where to visit Ataturk dam, the holy pools of Abraham and the cave where Prophet Abraham was born as well as the beautiful bazaar. Explore the work in progress dig at the archeological site of Gobekli Tepe, an underrated site that has some of the earliest religious structures dating back to before Stonehenge and the Pyramids. Marvel at the precious collection of gorgeous mosaics recovered from the lost city of Zeugma at Gaziantep’s mosaic museum before exploring the citadel and the old town. With a plethora of options to marvel at an discover, no matter how long you spend exploring Turkey’s exotic east, you will wish were there for just a little bit longer.